These maimed animals didn’t let injury get them down.

When an animal loses a limb in an accident, it may seem like its life is over.

Sometimes, the loss is relatively minor, restricting movement only minimally. Other times, the limb plays a more crucial role. Regardless of the severity, prosthetic pieces for animals are being used more often, greatly increasing the quality of life.

An art student in Tel Aviv designed this apparatus for Hoppa, a four-year-old mixed breed.

Photo by Amir Cohen/Reuters

Seven-year-old Cici can walk again after being run over in Izmir, Turkey.

Photo by Reuters

Israel’s Wildlife Hospital in the Ramat Gan Safari created these wheels to help this injured sea turtle walk again.

Photo by Nir Elias/Reuters

French bulldog Billy, a resident of Witten, was paralyzed in his rear legs since birth, but he can now get around with ease.

Photo by Ina Fassbender/Reuters

This Florida piglet gets around in a contraption made of toy parts.

Photo by Tom Benitez/Orlando Sentinel/MCT

A drug gang in Mexico City cut off poor Pay de Limon’s front paws as practice for chopping off human digits, but nonprofit organization Milagros Caninos procured the pooch prosthetic paws.

Photo by Tomas Bravo/Reuters

Two-year-old Oscar can walk again after losing his hind feet in a farming machine accident.

Photo by Reuters/Handout

Motala, a 48-year-old elephant near Bangkok, lost part of her leg after stepping on a land mine.

Photo by Phichaiyong Mayerku/Reuters

Fuji, a bottlenose dolphin at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium can swim and frolic again after losing most of her tail fluke to disease.

Photo by Issei Kato/Reuters

A shark brutalized this loggerhead turtles fins, but the Suma Aqualife Park in Japan has fitted her with new flippers.

Photo by Reuters/Suma Aqualife Park

In Colorado, this Yorkshire Terrier named Hope can walk with this wheel attached to her fashionable vest.

Photo by Rick Wilking/Reuter

Although Naki’o lost her four paws to frostbite in Colorado as an abandoned puppy, she can now play and run.

Photo by Rick Wilking/Reuters


This ancient well is unbelievably deep!

Imagine scaling up and down 13 stories to fetch water for your home. That’s exactly what residents of Abhaneri village in eastern Rajasthan, India did 1000 years ago at the Chand Baori Well. Although this massive well is no longer in use, visitors often traverse its 3,500 steps for enjoyment and photo opportunities. There is also an adjacent temple that is architecturally significant.

The well was commissioned by King Chanda of Nikumbha Dynasty during the 8th and 9th centuries.

It was designed so villagers could reach water from any one of three sides for convenience.

The well has been featured in movies like “The Fall” and “The Dark Knight Rises.”

The well would catch and store rain water to meet the needs of the village.

The adjacent temple is quite beautiful as well.

There is even a residential area for royalty with a stage for various types of performances.

As visitors descend the steps, a temperature decrease of four to five degrees is quite noticeable.

There are lots of attractive nooks and crannies for taking pictures.


You won’t believe what these dresses are made of . . .

Daisy Balloon isn’t some sort of name for a kid of New Age parents; it’s the moniker of an artistic pair that is taking the fashion world by storm. Japanese artist Rie Hosokai and graphic designer Takashi Kawada paired up to create a collection of amazing dresses made only of balloons. Skilled photographers then capture how amazing the pieces look on professional models.

Dress by Daisy Balloon

Every dress is virtually as light as air.

Dress by Daisy Balloon

Many of the styles are fun and flirty.

Dress by Daisy Balloon

Other styles, like this one, are more austere and subtly elegant.

Dress by Daisy Balloon

The dresses are part of an exhibit that travels the world.

Dress by Daisy Balloon

Rie Hosokai has a long history of creating balloon art for competitions, as is evident in the quality of the dresses.

Dress by Daisy Balloon

The duo may even design a custom wedding dress for the right price.

Dress by Daisy Balloon

These balloons were filled with black liquid to have a dazzling effect when burst.

Dress by Daisy Balloon

The pair has even ventured into children’s fashion.

Dress by Daisy Balloon

There’s no telling how many more style Daisy Balloon will come up with in the future.

Dress by Daisy Balloon


These animals wearing wigs are hilarious.

This little dog is ready for St. Patrick’s Day.

There is no end to a responsible pet owner’s love, and it’s not unusual for dogs and cats to have an array of accessories from tiny Halloween costumes to sweaters when it’s cold outside. A new pet accessory’s popularity is on the rise, and now there are animals wearing wigs.

This bunny likes its curls.

Who says dogs can’t have dreads?

Pigtails look nice on this doggie.

We aren’t sure how long these wigs stayed in place because there aren’t many animals that would tolerate something strange on their heads for long. The wigs remained in place long enough to take these cute pictures.

We’re not sure what this squirrel is doing, but it’s interesting.

This dog get kudos for clowning around.

This dog wants to be Mozart.

Whether it’s the dog in dreadlocks sporting Bob Marley style or the dog that looks like it walked off the set of “Amadeus,” each one of these adorable critters exhibits superior fashion sense. These pictures may even inspire you to order a custom-styled wig for your own pet.

This kitty sports a curly dark wig.

This hamster is funky in purple.

What do you think of this horse’s mane?


What is this guy doing with a woman’s wig?

Keisuke at work with his wig

Self-proclaimed “perpetual loner” Keisuke Jinushi doesn’t let not having a woman in his life prevent him from taking photos of himself engaging in a romantic kiss. In fact, he takes such photos quite regularly using only his cell phone camera, a tripod, and a woman’s wig.

“As long as you have a wig and a camera tripod, the kissing possibilities are infinite,” Jinushi says. ” It’s extremely simple. We humans have constructed high walls when it comes to kissing. But now those walls have crumbled. The world will be a brighter place. I truly believe that the world will head towards peace if we focus more on kissing.”

Keisuke at work with his wig

Jinushi enjoys taking photos within crowds of people to make his pictures appear more realistic.

Keisuke at work with his wig

He also believes using filters on his photos adds to the visual appeal.

Keisuke at work with his wig

He sets his tripod up all over the city to take his kissing photos.

Keisuke at work with his wig

Notice how his hand looks like a woman’s hand.

Keisuke at work with his wig

Jinushi clearly doesn’t care about how passersby react to his activities.

Keisuke prepares for a shoot.

When he wants his fake girlfriend’s hand in the photo, he applies foundation to himself.

Keisuke prepares for a shoot.

He also paints his fingernails to achieve the fullest effect possible.

Keisuke at work with his wig

Then, he touches his own face while his camera’s timer goes off.

Keisuke at work with his wig

I wonder what the people around him are thinking.

Keisuke at work with his wig

The street isn’t the only place Jinushi takes his kissing pics; public photo booths are an ideal setting for his work, too.


What are these people doing to each other in public?

Bodies in Urban Spaces

When performance artists hit the streets and pose in some of the most unusual positions, it gains plenty of attention and quizzical looks from passersby. These people aren’t on drugs or crazy; they are part of Willi Dorner’s artistic concept, “Bodies in Urban Spaces,” that is documented by photographer Lisa Rastl. The performers create temporary pieces of art with their bodies with the intention of prodding onlookers to look at their environment in a different way.

Bodies in Urban Spaces

The way the performers contort their bodies to fit existing structures parallels how citizens must adapt their lives to fit the design of the city.

Bodies in Urban Spaces

The faces of the artists are obscured to show how the effects of urban spaces on individuals is universal.

Bodies in Urban Spaces

The performers move in a choreographed trail, and onlookers can follow the troupe from site to site.

Bodies in Urban Spaces

The project is designed to make viewers almost as uncomfortable as the performers undoubtedly are in such contorted positions.

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Once the performers leave a particular site, there is no physical evidence that they were ever there.

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Even if viewers have been in a particular space many times before, Dorner believes their perceptions will be forever changed after seeing “Bodies in Urban Spaces.”

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Dorner hopes the project will heighten awareness of how urban structures limit movement physically and also through the rules and limits.

Bodies in Urban Spaces

The troupe travels the world, performing at different times of day, in their efforts to open people’s eyes to their relationship with the place where they live.

Bodies in Urban Spaces


Witchy Woman Stevie Nicks to Join ‘American Horror Story: Coven’

File:Stevie Nicks 2.jpgThings are heating up on American Horror Story: Coven. Between murder, betrayal, and the dead continually coming back to life, it’s hard to imagine even more excitement in future episodes. According to the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, however, an exciting superstar is set to join the already star-studded cast soon. Stevie Nicks will bring her skills to the set of AHS.

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Is Ian Somerhalder Shorty Material?

Since Vampire Diaries hottie Ian Somerhalder falls just under 5’10″ in height, it’s a little surprising that he’s been branded Shorty material. It’s not his co-star and real life love Nina Dobrev who has given him the Shorty label, either. Ian’s fans are responsible.

Fortunately, being Shorty material isn’t a bad thing. Ian has been nominated for two Shorty Awards, the awards for the best in social media. His nominations are for Best Actor in Social Media and Best Environmentalist in Social Media. For any of his over 3 billion Twitter followers, those nominations shouldn’t come as a surprise. Ian frequently tweets to gain support for worthy causes and clearly wants to use his celebrity status to change the world for the better.

Vampire Diaries has also gained a nomination for the Shorty Awards for Best Official TV Show. The winners will be announced April 8, 2013, and there is still plenty of time for fans to cast their vote. You can tweet your vote according to the Shorty Awards rules and show your support for Ian Somerhalder and Vampire Diaries.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Are Scheduled to Suit Up in 2013 Celebrity Beach Bowl

Vampire Diaries co-stars Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have plans to hit the sand, but not surf, on February 2. In one of the on-screen and real life couple’s rare appearances together, they are scheduled to participate in a spirited game of tag football at the world’s largest indoor beach in New Orleans for the 2013 Celebrity Beach Bowl.

The annual Celebrity Beach Bowl teams hot celebrities against some of NFL’s greats, such as Deion Sanders, Warren Moon and Eddie George. Although they aren’t battling Originals, Ian and Nina still need a little help from friends, and they have an impressive line of celebs on their team, including Jesse Williams, Jenny McCarthy, Josh Hutcherson, Chace Crawford, and Ian’s Fifty Shades of Grey competitor Matt Bomer.

If you can’t make it to New Orleans, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun. The Celebrity Beach Bowl will air on DirecTV, so you can assess Ian Somerhalder and Beach Bowl veteran Nina Dobrev’s skills on the field for yourself.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore


Kristen Stewart Reveals Shucking Her Clothes Is a Cinch . . . That Should Come as No Surprise.

Kristen Stewart may still be reeling from being dumped for the second time by her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, but she is still discussing the recently released On the Road. In the February 2013 issue of W Magazine, she talks about the difficult moments in filming. Although Stewart had to take her clothes off for the film, she reveals that shucking her duds was a cinch compared to something else. It’s also interesting to note that the ease of how her clothes come off had quite a bit to do with her breakup with Pattinson.

“Everyone asks about the nude scenes in ‘On the Road’,” Kristen notes, “but I also had to dance, and dancing is harder than being naked.” Apparently, that was quite some dancing to overshadow any timidity she had about being in the buff on the set. “My character, Marylou, is so exuberant, and I had five minutes to do something that showed she was sort of like the craziest motherf*cker around,” she continues. “In the book, it says, ‘Dean takes Marylou and they do a love dance and no one can take their eyes off them.’ It’s one sentence. And I was mad-intimidated by it.”

Kristen Stewart may not have had a lot of direction for her crazy dance scene, but she figured it out, creating a memorable moment with co-star Garrett Hedlund. There may even be a little chemistry between the two, judging by her description of filming the dance. “We did the dance four times to the song ‘Salt Peanuts.’ By the end, I was as red as a fire truck,” Stewart says. “I was holding onto Garrett because I was going to fall over. I almost passed out every single time.” Maybe after Kristen heals from her split from Robert Pattinson, there might be an opportunity for a Gar-sten coupling to develop.

Photo Credit: Juergen Teller for W Magazine