Randy Travis Was Stark Naked in Convenience Store Before DUI Arrest

Last week, country music fans were shocked by the news of Randy Travis crashing his car into a construction site without a stitch of clothes on his body. As police made efforts to arrest the star for suspicion of DUI, Travis allegedly made his case worse by retaliating against an officer. Although it wasn’t an isolated event in country music history for a singer to make headlines after imbibing a bit too much, new information about that night has come to light that may shock fans even more.

Cigarettes have apparently played a role in Travis’ raspy voice, and, the star clearly didn’t want to finish his wild night going through nicotine withdrawals. Before the accident, he stopped by a familiar place to get some smokes. Since Randy was a regular in Tiger Mart, that in itself wasn’t a particularly unusual event. What was striking about this was he was reportedly stark naked!

Store employee Scott Robinson recounted the tale to San Antonio’s WOAI-TV, and Randy’s supposed behavior is puzzling at best: “He walked up and I said, ‘What are you doing?’ He ordered a couple packs of cigarettes, just like anybody would order a pack of cigarettes–except he was naked. I said, ‘What are you doing in the store naked?’ And he said, ‘Just give me the cigarettes’ . . . He was looking at his hands and he didn’t have any money on him. I was looking at him I said, ‘How do you plan on paying for these?’ He just kind of gave up and left. I had no idea it was a famous person.”

All the details of that night have yet to unfold, and this new information perhaps raises more questions than it provides answers. What sent Randy Travis on such a drunk? More interestingly, why did he go out of his house without clothes in the first place? Judging from what is known about that night, Randy may have a serious alcohol problem, and a little time in rehab may be the only thing that can restore the singer’s image and mental health.

Photo: Mark Runyon | Concert Tour